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E.C.H.O. Players Village Theatre is a non-profit society of dedicated members of the community. Community is what E.C.H.O. Players is all about. Relying upon the talents, creative energy and generosity of individuals and businesses we have been bringing the live theatre experience to the Oceanside area for for over 40 years.

School For Scandal - Don Emerson Photography
School For Scandal - Don Emerson Photography

Whether you wish to share the experience from the comfort of your seat in the Village Theatre (home to E.C.H.O. Players since 1974), from the footlights of the stage or from behind the scenes, you will find yourself welcomed into a community of patrons, fellow performers, artists, writers, set designers, and volunteers of every description.

OUR 2018/19 SEASON

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Our Fall 2018 Schedule!


Enchanted April - October 11th to October 28th, 2018

Enchanted April

Echo Players is proud to present its first production of the season "Enchanted April".

"Enchanted April", indeed! We begin our story in England, February 1922. It's damp, dreary, depressing, soggy, foggy, and well, just downright miserable. Relationships inside Lotty & Mellersh Wilton's household mirror this unhappy, gloomy weather. All seems hopeless until Lotty accidentally spots a small ad in the 'Times' for a month's let in a small Italian castle that promises 'wisteria and sunshine'.

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Annual Vancouver Island Juried One Act Play Festival

One Act Play Festival

Join us at the Village Theatre for five days of whirlwind activity that features enthusiastic and talented artists from all over Vancouver Island. Enjoy a daring, imaginative and diverse collection of one-act plays.

The Annual Vancouver Island Juried One Act Play Festival, an affordable, enjoyable way to experience the pulse of Oceanside’s drama scene.

Running from November 7th - 11th, 2018 at the Village Theatre in Qualicum Beach.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan"Peter Pan" is the classic story of the mischievous little boy who flies and refuses to grow up, preferring, instead, to live in mysterious Neverland, sharing adventures with the lost boys, pirates, fairies, tick-tocking crocodiles and, occasionally, real children. Our family- orientated musical includes song, dance and action that will enthrall and engage every child from five to one hundred and five.

Directed by Julian Packer

Running from December 11th - 30th, 2018 at the Village Theatre in Qualicum Beach.


Our Goal... "To nurture the love of theatre, we explore, expand and develop theatrical talent and we create quality entertainment for our community".